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    Non-Branded  BP-016  Beperfect Led therapy beauty instrument

    ( White )
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    Product Specification
    Red light,Green light,Yellow lightBlue light
    625+/-3 nm525+/-3 nm592+/-3 nm
    465+/-3 nmNODC
    15 V3 wSkin care
      1. bio red light + bio blue light + bio green light + bio yellow light.
      2. 48pcs leds each head.
      3. Head changeable design.
      4. Portable, home use.
      5. Bio red light therapy: 2.7W, 1.5W, 3W, Wavelength: 622-628nm.
      6. Bio yellow light: 2.7W. 1.5W, 3W. Wavelength: 587-590nm.
      7. Bio Green light: 0.9W, 0.5W, 1W. Wavelength: 522-528nm.
      8. Bio Blue light: 0.9W, 0.5W, 1W Wavelength: 462-468nm.
    Product description
      1) Bio Red Light Wavelength: 625+/3nm. it for skin whitening & lighten sport, tendering skin and dispel crinkles, repair damaged skin, heal slender wrinkles, tighten pore, and proliferate collagen protein.
      2) Bio Blue Light Wavelength: 465+/-3nm. it can diminish inflammation, kill bacterium and propionibacterium acnes, remove acne and scars etc.
      3) Bio Green Light Wavelength: 525+/3nm. it has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming, It can ease strain, dredge lymph and useful in edema elimination.
      4) Bio yellow light Wavelength: 592+/-3nm. The peneration distance of yellow light is a little shorter than red light, it's suitable for sensitive skin type. It can relief sensitive skin, stimulate lymphatic & nervous system, strengthen muscle and enchance immunity of skin.
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    What's in the package
    • main device x 1
    • manual x 1
    • light head x 1
    • goggle x 1
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